Seller's Market Report – 2020

Initially, there was a lot of uncertainty about what would happen amidst Covid-19 in early 2020. Many sellers had at first put a pause on listing their properties due to the challenges posed by visitation to the valley, business closings and restrictions on open houses. However, our county moved into the Blue phase and business resumed including the allowance of Open Houses once more. We saw an upward trend on listings and lots of movement from eager buyers. Buyers continue to show interest in both single families and condos, as well as land.

Lots of buyers from cities across the US are rushing to CB – a combination of people who had interest before the pandemic and have expedited their plans and those who had put a temporary hold on their plans and transactions resumed. Buyers are better aligning their budgets with their new life-style priorities and maximizing their home for all of life’s comforts including a home office space, gym area, outdoor living and privacy.

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